Our Mission

At Capstone Academy, we strive to help our students grow on an academic and interpersonal level so that they can realize and achieve the bright and happy future that awaits them.

Capstone Academy Mission

Through partnerships with the court system and other youth service agencies, the mission of Capstone Academy is to re-engage adjudicated and non-adjudicated youth in the active pursuit of self-improvement, interpersonal growth, and educational development. By providing an environment that is safe and secure, we strive to make staff, stakeholders, and students feel valued as individuals, with unique strengths and abilities. We put forth every effort to ensure that every student is encouraged to excel to their highest potential while providing them with the necessary support, tools, and skills needed to explore the infinite possibilities that learning and life have to offer. We aim to assist every young person who comes through our doors in preparing for his or her future and improving his or her chances of successfully returning to the community by adopting a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Our Goals

The goals of the programs offered at Capstone Academy are to:

  • Substantially decrease each youth’s risk for future academic failure
  • Eradicate problematic behaviors that have otherwise prevented academic achievement in traditional school settings
  • Reduce each young person’s likelihood for future disciplinary actions, such as suspensions or expulsions, in their home school setting
  • Lessen each youth’s chances for receiving court-ordered placements
  • Eliminate the need for out-of-home placements
  • Instill skills and tools needed to increase readiness for reintegration back into a traditional school setting

What We Believe

While many of the youth who come to us for services are receiving additional services from other Department of Human Services agencies, we believe that every young person has the ability to learn and advance him or herself to the fullest extent of his or her abilities regardless of personal background. We envision Capstone Academy to be a place where students can reengage and invest in their education and develop positive, prosocial skills that can be applied and utilized in their homes and respective communities long after receiving services at our esteemed school.

What Past Clients Say

It was hard at first going to DBI but the doctors and staff turned out to be really nice and I immediately knew I was in great hands.

– A former client