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At Capstone Academy, we strive to help our students grow on an academic and interpersonal level so that they can realize and achieve the bright and happy future that awaits them.

About Capstone Academy

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All residents at Detroit Behavioral Institute – Capstone Academy are provided with opportunities to further their education through a fully-certified educational provider. Educational services at Detroit Behavioral Institute – Capstone Academy are provided through the Capstone Academy Charter School. These services are delivered in a school environment, which is located on the ground floor of the DBI| CA site. Both locations for the charter school include a traditional classroom setting with computer labs, a fully equipped art room, and a full gymnasium. Additionally, each location has an outstanding teacher to student ratio of 12:1.

Specialized Programs & Events

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In addition to a rigorous and highly individualized curriculum, Capstone Academy offers highly specialized programs and events that are designed to draw on the students’ talents and interests in order to prepare them for the challenges they will face in the world today. Below are some of the specialized programs and events that are available to all of our students:

  • Afterschool programing provides students with afterschool activities and programs that are designed to enhance the learning process. Programming may include extended tutoring services, exercise classes, and a variety of Saturday programs available for all residents.
  • Life skills programing at Capstone Academy includes interactive, attention-grabbing activities that enable youth to easily understand and retain each learning experience. Through this learning process, children and adolescents can gain information needed to make lasting changes in their lives.
  • STEM onsite events and STEM career exploration is a very unique program offered at Capstone Academy, as we are only the second strict discipline academy in the nation that has become STEM certified. The purpose of this program is to change student perceptions about STEM Education, encourage students to be self-motivated learners and inquirers through a variety of STEM-related activities, provide professional development for teachers, and show a concentrated dedication to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. As part of our educational program, our students have participated in STEM live onsite events, taken courses in STEM career exploration, and experienced project-based learning activities focusing on STEM skills and content. We believe this will provide many opportunities for our students to enter the world with the motivation and desire to explore different career possibilities and make a successful life for themselves.
  • Project-based learning is a student-centered instructional approach to learning, usually including real-world problems and challenges that helps students connect to what they are learning.
  • Visual arts

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All of the educational services offered at Capstone Academy were designed with technology-integration in mind. Due to the transitory population and grouping of students, a highly individualized method of instructional design and delivery is necessary to meet the needs of all students. The curriculum is student-centered and strength-based, utilizing a diagnostic-prescriptive approach. Students are assessed regularly throughout the year using a variety of tools. This provides a comprehensive look at student achievement and mastery of skills to guide their educational path. In order to provide students with a personalized education plan, technology is used where applicable for individualized delivery of instruction, while staff members provide one-on-one and small group instruction to reinforce learning.

What Past Clients Say

It was hard at first going to DBI but the doctors and staff turned out to be really nice and I immediately knew I was in great hands.

– A former client