Professional Referrals

At DBI, our goal is to assist in preparing our young men and women for their future, therefore improving the chances of their successful return to the community and adaption to a healthy and safe lifestyle.

Where We Accept Referrals

At Detroit Behavioral Institute – Capstone Academy, we accept referrals for potential patients from a number of different entities. Be it from local governmental agencies, the court system, or in or out-of-state human services programs, we are pleased to consult with other professionals regarding an adjudicated or non-adjudicated youth’s appropriateness for care at Detroit Behavioral Institute – Capstone Academy.

How to Refer A Client

Referral sources can contact us regarding potential patients and request a referral packet to begin the admission process. This packet includes the following information, of which is reviewed by our Clinical Director prior to admission:

  • Psychiatric history
  • Prior psychological evaluation(s) with past and current diagnoses
  • Any previous residential service plans
  • Treatment history, including any and all plans and records
  • Social history
  • Education records from the youth’s past and current academic settings
  • Court documentation, including court reports and court orders
  • Service plans from the Department of Human Services

Our Mission & Next Steps

It is our mission to provide the most comprehensive services for youth who have had prior involvement with the legal or foster care systems so that they are able to develop the necessary skills for functioning safely within their respective communities. We put forth every effort to work collaboratively with professional referrals so that each youth’s progress is documented and reported to the necessary parties involved in the youth’s care.

Guidelines for youth who are most appropriate for our services are outlined on our admissions page and include a list of additional documentation that is required in order for a youth to partake in the programming offered at our center.

If you feel a youth is appropriate for services at Detroit Behavioral Institute – Capstone Academy, do not hesitate to contact one of our qualified admissions staff for more information.

What Past Clients Say

The admissions process went so much smoother than I expected and the staff helped answer every question I had, which really put me at ease.

– A former client