About Detroit Behavioral Institute

At DBI, our goal is to assist in preparing our young men and women for their future, therefore improving the chances of their successful return to the community and adaption to a healthy and safe lifestyle.

What We Offer

Detroit Behavioral Institute – Capstone Academy is a 98-bed residential facility located in Midtown Detroit. Established in 2004, Detroit Behavioral Institute – Capstone Academy offers a number of specialized programs that are designed to serve various populations of youth, ages 10 to 19 years, in need of varying modalities of treatment.

Our adolescent residential treatment programs treat youth who are struggling with mental health disorders. Furthermore, our residential treatment programs are designed to treat adjudicated youth, or youth who have committed criminal acts, who have been referred by a court or family service agency because they are required to complete psychiatric treatment. We also offer residential programming for non-adjudicated youth, including those who are involved with the child welfare system and are under the supervision of the Department of Human Services. Because of the wide range of populations treated at DBI we have two separate locations. Our main campus houses 74 patients and offers therapeutic interventions for adjudicated youth, while our North campus (Apex) houses 24 youth and provides therapeutic programming for non-adjudicated youth. Our main campus is located at 3500 John R. St, and our North Campus is located at 5250 John R. St.

Our Programming

Each one of our programs utilizes evidenced-based practices including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, behavior modification, and motivational interviewing. This is done in order to promote a comprehensive and effective interdisciplinary program. Additionally, each one of our programs provides its residents with supportive therapeutic care from a staff of highly qualified clinicians. The gender-specific programming offered at Detroit Behavioral Institute – Capstone Academy is highly individualized, client-centered, and consists of multiple levels of intervention including family, individual, and group therapy, medication management counseling, and recreational activities.

Expert Staff, Compassionate Care

At Detroit Behavioral Institute – Capstone Academy we believe that treatment is a life-long commitment to personal growth and development in order to acquire and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is our mission to provide comprehensive mental health services for youth that will empower and strengthen them in the development of prosocial skills that will have a positive impact on their families and communities. Each one of our compassionate staff members is dedicated to providing a holistic, therapeutic social environment that promotes the utilization of evidence-based practices, while also teaching each patient socially appropriate behaviors. Through consistent practice, these learned behaviors will assist in preparing youth for their future and improving their chances of successfully returning to the community.

What Past Clients Say

The Institute helped bring our family together and taught us how to support each other more than ever.

– A former client