In order to begin the admission process at Detroit Behavioral Institute – Capstone Academy, a referral packet will be requested and then reviewed by our clinical director in order to determine if the youth is clinically appropriate for our program. The review conducted by the clinical director will include an assessment of the youths treatment needs, legal status, history within the juvenile justice system or foster care system, compliance with treatment recommendations, level of functioning, social relations, and permanency plan. Additional information that is reviewed as part of the admission process and needs to be included in the referral packet includes:

  • Social history
  • Recent psychiatric history
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Education records (including IEP)
  • Previous residential service plans
  • Past treatment plans/records
  • Court reports
  • Court orders
  • DHS service plans

At Detroit Behavioral Institute | Capstone academy we have a set list of criteria that must be met in order for a youth to be admitted to our program. The admission criteria includes:

  • Capstone-youth must be adjudicated and level of care must be secure residential
  • Youth must have an Axis 1 mental health diagnosis
  • For Horizon program, youth must have an FSIQ in the range of 69-50 or demonstrated history of developmental delay/cognitive impairment
  • Youth in the Mild/Moderate program must demonstrate a history of conduct disorder
  • Youth must have had a recent psychiatric evaluation

Once a youth has been approved for admission into the residential treatment program here at Detroit Behavioral Institute, the intake process will begin. In order to complete the intake process and begin the development of an individualized treatment plan, the following information and documentation will need to be supplied for each youth:

  • Birth certificate
  • Social security card
  • Medical insurance card
  • IEP/educational records
  • Social history
  • Past treatment records

If a child or adolescent does not meet the requirements for admission, they will be provided with referrals for other treatment programs that may be able to provide them with more appropriate services based upon their specific needs.

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